Worst Day Ever?

I got a call from work at 6:30 AM this morning letting me know we had an emergency at the winery so I got up and got dressed in record time. I get outside and start heading to my car, already grumpy from getting up early and leaving without coffee or breakfast, and I see this: 

parking_ticket-thumb.jpgA $325 parking ticket for parking in a handicap space! I know, what was I thinking parking in a handicap space right? To my defense I have lived in this apartment complex for over 2 years and I have never seen anyone park in that spot, handicap or not. I (as well as several of my friends) have parked in this space many times without consequence. Still a bad decision though, I know…. 

The trick will be getting through the rest of the day with a positive attitude. Gonna need some help from above on this one 🙂  



  1. Vince Said:

    you never answer your phone at 6:30 when i call

  2. Andy Said:

    I got a ticket last year for parallel parking the wrong direction right in front of MY house. Its a quiet neighborhood, no traffic….. Don’t they have more important things to do?

  3. Mike Said:

    I was pulled over back in 03 by my house for driving in the middle of the road (they had constuction on jackson i couldnt see the lines) and i wasnt wearing my seatbelt and had a cracked winshield and newly expired tags, he told me i should pay more attention on these streets and let me go. Justice…Some have OJ luck. But i got served in 06 when i smashed into a center divder 20 yards from my work, and my insurance company filed for bankruptcy a week prior…some still have OJ luck as of late.

  4. emily Said:

    At least your wife had your favorite album playing, candles lit, and dinner on the table when you came home…my poor hubby. Thanks for being such a hard working loving husband!

  5. Micah Said:

    yeah, that sucks… tickets are for those other people that break the law! the good thing is, in 50 years you will be laughing about this (even though your wallet is very unhappy right now)

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