Thoughts on our human responsibility

I stumbled onto this site today. The pictures are amazing and this quote from the photographer got me thinking.famine.jpg

“I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.”


-James Nachtwey-

 God has entrusted his creation to us (Gen 1:26-27) and commanded us to love one another (Jn. 13:34) which explains the deep, nagging responsibility most of us feel when confronted with images like this. We know deep down that these things happened on our “watch”. I know that Genesis 1:26-27 refers to the primarily to our appointment to rule over animals but there are a host of other references to our responsibility to the poor and oppressed (Lk: 4:18), the needy (Mt. 25:35-36, Lk. 6:30), and to keep peace (Mt. 5:9). I challenge all of us (including and especially me) to take a long hard look at images like these and reflect for a moment on what we are doing as God’s appointed stewards of the planet to preserve and care for his creation.  



  1. vince Said:

    That’s powerful. One of my new favorite sites

  2. Skip Said:

    Unbelievable. Linking to my site today. May God give us unrest in our souls, so that we do everything within our power to not allow this to happen.

  3. alex mclean Said:

    awesome brother…
    and check this out:

  4. Billy Chia Said:

    welcome to the blog world. Looks like your coming in strong. That’s a heavey site.

  5. Peg Said:

    I checked out the photo site… powerful stuff. It said the photo above was taken in southern Sudan. I have a seminary classmate from there, and he witnessed this kind of thing firsthand on a massive scale. The photograph is not just one person’s misfortune… the southern Sudanese are Christians, being persecuted, killed, and sold into slavery (or into refugee camps, which is probably where this photo was taken) by the Muslim government in the north. Conservative estimates are over 2 millon dead, killed by their own government because they wouldn’t deny the Lord and convert. It’s almost too much to grasp.

    My classmate is one of the “Lost Boys” of Sudan, a survivor of the genocide, and just a few months ago he published a book of his life story. Here’s a link if folks are interested in learning more:

  6. Becky Said:

    Woah. That photo you posted made my physically ill.
    But I’m glad. I pray that I never look at something like that in apathy.

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