My Macbook Woes

I bought my white Macbook when they first came out and I’ve had my fair share of issues with it. The CD/DVD drive (superdrive) will only burn select blank CD’s. The mouse track pad, mouse button, hand rest, and top casing have been stained a yellowish color from contact with my hands (which is apparently un-cleanable). But now is the granddaddy of them all, a CRACK in the top case just below the mouse button!photo-666.jpg

The thing still works fine but come on… I have plenty of friends who bought later versions of the macbook who have had none of these issues. Since I bought my macbook Apple has changed plastic vendors that supply the casing which alleviated the staining and cracking issues and updated the superdrive. I love my mac, I will never go back to a PC, but the lesson I learned (the hard way) is not to buy a product right as it is released. It is tempting to have the shiny new toy that no right as it is released but there are always bugs to be worked out, which is why I am waiting to buy an iphone. Anyone?



  1. Skip Said:

    Hey Travis…I was just rolling through my blogs, and the blog immediately following my reader is this one:

    The 2 suggestions they give for those nasty stains are:

    Toothpaste (Arm & Hammer variety)
    Magic Eraser (looks like with limited results)

  2. Sean Barnett Said:

    Hey Travis,
    You are right. About two months ago, I needed to buy a new computer because my PowerBook G4 was not compatible with my M Box2. It was a hardware incompatability, all other PowerBooks worked, it was just the USB drive on the year that mine came out.

    So I bought a brand-spanking-new MacBook. The problem with this was that the new operating system was too advanced for my version of ProtoolsLE, and Digidesign hadn’t made an updated version. My only option was to return the computer I just bought, and buy a used mac (you can’t downgrade operating systems on a new computer). I would have to be an idiot to buy an old computer, the price isn’t even much lower than a new one.

    So I had to return my MacBook, and now I’m waiting for updates from both Mac and DigiDesign. I had to pay a ten percent restocking fee. So now I have a $140 imaginary computer. The whole process was so frustrating, and the good people at Apple and Digidesign left me feeling fairly helpless. I guess those companies are just too big to provide efficient customer support.

    My point: I feel your pain, computers are out of date the second you buy them.

  3. JMM Said:

    Are you covered by Apple care? I had some similar cracking, and the local Apple store replaced the casing no questions asked.

  4. ttingley Said:

    That’s the best part. As a newbie Mac buyer I didn’t think I needed it. I didn’t appreciate the value of Applecare. Needless to say my next Apple purchase will include Applecare to the max!

  5. JMM Said:

    That’s too bad. If you’ve got an Apple store close by, it still might be worth the effort to see if they’ll swap the case for free or just the labor. I might be wrong, but I think there was actually a “recall” type program where this was covered. I’m probably completely wrong on that score.

  6. PC Lover Said:

    uh you shoulda got a sweet PC laptop – it’s so cool and I can play WW3 all night and day without stop!

  7. micahanderica Said:

    i know your plastic is really yellow….however even ours is beginning to turn on us!

  8. James Said:

    i have an IBM thinkpad. i like it. 🙂 i know i’m not cool but my computer works.

  9. Vince Said:

    20 days since the last post…do you have your computer back?

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