My New Dog!

Now introducing… Polly!
PollyOur friend Alicia rescued her from the pound a few weeks ago and found her a good home with us! She’s a mutt, we think she probably has some dachshund and some kind shepherd in her.

On another note, I know that to say I have been behind on my blogging is the understatement of the century! I have been a little overwhelmed with life over the last few months (new house, possible new job, craziness at work) and blogging fell of my priority list but I will be doing my best to get back in the blogging game. Be on the look out for new posts!



  1. Vince Said:

    sounds like the last thing you need in your life is something else to take care of.

    glad to have you back in the blog world

  2. jamesmclean Said:

    new house? uhhh sure wish someone would call me sometimes. i am in the dark here. congrats on the doggie.

  3. alicia Said:

    Vince, don’t rain on their parade. Polly was saved from the needle. I’m sure you would rather them have Polly than the alternative. Be happy for them!!!

  4. Vince Said:

    i get it. replace the blog you love with a dog. that’s cool

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