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My Macbook Woes

I bought my white Macbook when they first came out and I’ve had my fair share of issues with it. The CD/DVD drive (superdrive) will only burn select blank CD’s. The mouse track pad, mouse button, hand rest, and top casing have been stained a yellowish color from contact with my hands (which is apparently un-cleanable). But now is the granddaddy of them all, a CRACK in the top case just below the mouse button!photo-666.jpg

The thing still works fine but come on… I have plenty of friends who bought later versions of the macbook who have had none of these issues. Since I bought my macbook Apple has changed plastic vendors that supply the casing which alleviated the staining and cracking issues and updated the superdrive. I love my mac, I will never go back to a PC, but the lesson I learned (the hard way) is not to buy a product right as it is released. It is tempting to have the shiny new toy that no right as it is released but there are always bugs to be worked out, which is why I am waiting to buy an iphone. Anyone?