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My Apartment Was On FIRE!!!

OK, so I know that I have really dropped the ball with the blogging thing but I just had to share this experience with you all. Hopefully this post will jump-start my blogging efforts again. 

So my wife Emily and I had a little “disagreement” on Monday night (I admit I was totally in the wrong). So to make it up to her and prove my undying love I decided to treat her to a little romantic dinner at home. I rushed home early from work to prepare for her arrival. Flowers… check, filet mignon… check, fine spanish wine… check, Barry White playing on the stereo (seriously)… check,  every sing candle in our apartment lit… check. As you may be guessing this is where things began to go horribly wrong.

As I was busy whipping up this incredible meal in the kitchen I began to smell the distinct odor of burning/melting plastic. I checked the oven, no plastic. I checked the stove top, no plastic. I checked the microwave, no plastic. Then I glanced over at our bedroom and noticed thick black smoke billowing from the top of the door and distinct orange glow coming from within. I leaped over the counter separating me from the door and burst into the room to find our $100 air purifier in flames! I picked it up, yanked the cord out of the wall and made a mad dash for the door. Before I even got half way down our stairs I tossed the burning hunk of plastic on the lawn and proceeded to stomp out the flames. 

A neighbor had seen the smoke and the glow and called the fire department so within 10 minutes there were 8 firemen poking around my house with thermal imagers to make sure there were no more smoldering embers. Then they used their super-mega-ultra gas powered blower fan to clear the remaining smoke out of our apartment. Thank you Temecula Fire Department!  

Apparently one of the many candles I lit had dripped wax into the air purifier causing it to ignite. I am blessed to have found it before the flames spread to the pile of clothes that were sitting 12″ away and that my wife wasn’t home to witness any of it. WHEW! Thank You God! Now all we have to worry about is cleaning up the thin layer of black soot covering EVERYTHING in our apartment! Pictures to follow…