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Word and Deed: The Difference Between Knowing and Doing

I was talking with my friend Mike today about the purpose of food. Food’s primary objective is not to give us pleasure, it is to nourish us. We all “know” that I guess, but how does that knowledge affect our actions? Does that knowledge affect the way we eat, how much we eat, what we eat, and how often we eat? For the majority of us the answer is NO. For most of us eating is motivated by pleasure to a certain degree, some more than others. We think “what sounds good?” when we are hungry rather than “what will provide the best nourishment possible for my body?”. That thought started my brain a-turnin’ and led me to this question.

Why don’t the things I know about the life Jesus promises if we follow him affect the things I do?

There are too many answers to that question to write in this post but the conclusion I came to is this: I am genuinely afraid of becoming a Christian who knows all the right theology and has read all the right books and has all the right degrees and knows all the right people and yet still lives life the same as everyone else. That scares me to death! 

Lord, please grant me the discipline to follow you in both word and deed so that my life may glorify you for everyone around me to see. Help me to put into practice the truths I learn about the life you designed me for.