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Worst Day Ever?

I got a call from work at 6:30 AM this morning letting me know we had an emergency at the winery so I got up and got dressed in record time. I get outside and start heading to my car, already grumpy from getting up early and leaving without coffee or breakfast, and I see this: 

parking_ticket-thumb.jpgA $325 parking ticket for parking in a handicap space! I know, what was I thinking parking in a handicap space right? To my defense I have lived in this apartment complex for over 2 years and I have never seen anyone park in that spot, handicap or not. I (as well as several of my friends) have parked in this space many times without consequence. Still a bad decision though, I know…. 

The trick will be getting through the rest of the day with a positive attitude. Gonna need some help from above on this one 🙂